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Overview of our products

Various steel products under one roof. We buy our products from leading European steel producers.

Sheets for burning – Lasershear

Lasershear steel sheets developed for burning on the most modern lasers are successfully used in automated operations.

Main advantages:

sheets are optimized for automated operations

they ensure a reduction in production time

thanks to them, the need for subsequent processing of fired parts is eliminated

uniform surface quality and material homogeneity guaranteed

significantly narrowed flatness tolerance

Flatness deviation: according to the 10051

Width tolerance: according to the 10051

Length tolerance: according to the 10051


Thickness: 2 – 12 mm

Width: from 750 mm to 2040 mm


standard – with a low incidence of scale

brushed – with free scales removed

oily – with an applied oil film

stained – with completely removed

We are a reliable supplier of steel sheets

Individual solutions

Even for smaller orders, we always approach customer needs individually.

Various kinds of surfaces

Choose the optimal design of the sheet surface for your needs.

Reliable logistics

We can deliver products quickly and reliably. Many products are in stock.

Sheets divided from coils - different thicknesses

Our modern cutting line produces sheets with the smallest dimensional tolerances. We supply different sizes of boards for your needs.

Main advantages:

quality guarantee suitable for the mechanical engineering industry

guaranteed standard of flatness and diagonal of the sheet metal

suitable for use in multiple types of burning

Black sheets – patterned

They are mainly used as an anti slip floor covering in industrial buildings, ships and the like.

Patterning options:

sheets with oval protrusions (anti-slip)

ribbed sheets

Thanks to their specific properties, they are suitable for special purposes. These sheets are well weldable. They are not intended for forming or bending. The bending test is done on samples without protrusions.


Thickness: 2 – 12 mm

Width: do 750 – 2040 mm

Length: do 12000 mm





Hot-rolled thick sheets

Thick sheets are used in the heavy industry sector, which produces, for example, tanks, industrial racks, shipyards…

Assortment and quality:

assortment of thick sheets from unalloyed structural steels in grades S235, S355

quality grade JR, J2; in +AR, +N state

Cold-rolled sheets

Used in the automotive industry and electrical engineering due to its uniform structure and high quality surface.


DC01 – DC06


structural parts flat or cold-formed

the smallest value of yield point and tensile strength

Galvanized sheets

Various exterior uses, e.g. gutters, decorative purposes or covers, profiles for plasterboards.


they have a long life

corrosion resistance and decorative appearance

secured with zinc coating

method of hot galvanizing