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The company was established in 2009. It was established as a service provider in the area of the cross-cutting of hot-rolled rolls of sheet metal plates with a thickness of 2 to 12 mm, widths of 500 mm to 2040 mm and lengths of up to 12000 mm. Standard and non-standard formats. The production plant, namely the cutting line, is located in a 3000 m2 production hall at the premises of Chemko Strážske a.s. The hall is located close to the railway line, with the possibility of an unlimited supply of input material by rail carriages. Currently, the company buys and shares its own material from several renowned producers, such as USS KE, ArcelorMittal, Iron Works Smederevo and ISD Dunaferr.

We offer the cross-cutting of hot-rolled steel rolls of sheet metal, standard and non-standard formats as per the customer’s individual requirements. We also offer the prompt cutting of rolls with delivery times of 48h to the customer.

Ľubomír Róža

Executive Manager

+421 903 800 454

Ing. Peter Bláha

Executive Manager

+421 903 213 990

Jozef Tomaštík

Sales Representative

+421 904 601 601

Igor Boroš

Operations Manager

+421 904 013 777

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Material and services in the best light

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