Line PRL 2000/12

The cutting line PRL 2000/12 for the cross-cutting coils of steel sheet metal is designed for custom-made sheet metal in stacks so that the line stacks into batches according to the required weight or number of plates.

1.Deliace centrum, s.r.o., offers the delivery of products produced by this line – hot-rolled (including patterned) cross-cut sheets with the following parameters:

  • Standard formats with a thickness of 2 mm to 12 mm, widths of 800 mm to 2000 mm, with the possibility of cutting into lengths from 650 mm to 12000 mm,

Apart of the standard formats of plates, 1. Deliace centrum, s.r.o. offers its customers the possibility of delivering non-standard formats – precisely-cut pieces with the following advantages:

  • unlimited quantity of supply,
  • optimisation of burning or cutting plans,
  • minimisation of technological waste,
  • the package size is tailored to the customer’s requirements for the exact number of packages or weight

Declarations and certificates

Technical parameters

Maximal load capacity of the roll 22tons ( given by the load capacity of VZV))
Width 500 – 2040mm
Length 500 – 12000mm
Thickness of the plate 2-12 x 12000mm S235, S355
Tolerance of the length ± 2mm
Sheet strength RM max 500 Mp

Straightening machine of the plate 9 rollers ø120 4 – 12mm
17 rollers ø50 2 – 4 mm
Extending rollers 4 rollers ø260mm
Floating cutters Width of the band min. 500mm Width of the band min. 2040mm
Piling table max. weight of the batch 6t
Unreelers max. weight of the roll 24t Max ø zv. 1900mm
Transport cart max. weight of the roll 24t
Speed of cutting speeds up to 18 m/min According to the thickness and length of the band
Weight max. weight of the batch 6t
Capacity of the production line 4500 tonnes monthly in one-shift production