9. Putting on my personal lady friend’s leggings. “Are your sporting my personal leggings?!”

My gf mouthed if you ask me after displaying later part of the to a pilates class. I became in downhill dog attempting to focus myself. “What’s the difficulty?” I mouthed back once again.

“We can’t share leggings! it is unsexy!” She said out loud, startling the Republican girl sleeping in child’s present to their left.

Honestly, she’s right. Discussing leggings is the portal drug to peeing using home available. And also you know, every time you urinate making use of the home open in front of your own gf, a lesbian angel seems to lose the lady wings.

10. wear my personal girlfriend’s jeans (without inquiring).

Once you begin getting in problem for using your own girlfriend’s $300 designer jeans without inquiring, you’re approaching sister updates.

Your own gf will scream at you prefer you’re the girl annoying small sis exactly who steals each one of the girl close crap. Of course, if — goodness forbid — one happens to appear better than she does in her own denim jeans, better, pretty soon she’ll beginning planning on you as her annoying small brother just who takes most of their close crap. You’ll find nothing hot regarding your girlfriend associating you with the lady younger brother.

It’s a surefire solution to have never intercourse again.

11. utilizing my girlfriend’s brush.

When you start revealing a toothbrush, your get rid of your identity totally. Before long you’ll being one of those creepy lesbian people which have morphed inside exact same people. Preserve your individuality, and use your very own toothbrush, please and many thanks.

12. Flirting with my ex-girlfriend’s pals.

It’s an website for sugar daddies West Palm Beach FL inexpensive thrill, but believe me. It’s bad karma.

13. informing my personal gf that the girl buddy was actually flirting beside me.

Whether your girlfriend’s buddy is actually subtly flirting with you, just pretend she’s are awesome friendly rather than, ever drunkenly inform your girlfriend.

Unless you want to be during the center in the lesbian crisis, definitely. Which, yes, can be enjoyable for 5 moments, but rapidly gets, uh, frightening…

14. Changing my personal girlfriend’s design.

Should you inform your girlfriend she looks sexier in blazers than she do in board short pants, she’s going to resent your for the rest of their partnership.

Merely keep the lips close and accept your own girl when it comes to board-short-sporting lesbian that she actually is, otherwise find a geniune blazer-wearing sweetheart. Because bear in mind: you can’t turn panel short pants into a blazer, it doesn’t matter what difficult you try.

(But you can, for record, become a homemaker into a ho).

15. Writing articles about becoming a crazy sweetheart on the web.

Not only bring we composed articles describing what an insane bitch i’m, but I’ve already been pissed off whenever babes I’m recently online dating believe I’m a crazy bitch. “Well, performedn’t your write about they on the net?” They’ll query.

Touch e . Touch e .

16. Pretending to understand what lesbian intercourse is when I didn’t come with clue.

“Of training course i am aware what lesbian sex try. it is whenever um, you know. Like, when a lady becomes in addition to a girl…”

17. Pretending I knew just how to scissor when I didn’t come with idea.

“I love scissoring!” I yelped at get older 16 when I thought scissoring created performing arts and crafts collectively.

18. Breaking up using my girlfriend once we had been both on our very own intervals.

Don’t make unexpected conclusion when you are both bleeding.

7. U-Hauling.

We promised myself i’d not be the lesbian who u-hauled until I was the lesbian whom u-hauled. Today I’m the lesbian who’s officially never lasted a lease.

8. finalizing leases against my personal best wisdom.

Talking about leases, the number of hours I’ve dutifully closed that godforsaken dotted line whenever my instincts happened to be screaming “Don’t do so! This bitch is ridiculous!” was unfortunate, to put it mildly.